It’s that old conundrum: you want to get out on the bike for a few hours, but the kids need a leg-stretch too. Why not take them with you? This month Nick Marks takes a mini tour around Brighton and Hove taking in some of the city’s best play parks, offering rewarding riding for you, and serial swing and roundabout action for your charges.

1 - Start at Hove Park at the play park just up from the tennis courts. Here you will find a very good selection of the latest playpark installations, including helter skelter slides and some modern takes on the traditional swing.

When you think it’s time to head off, cross over Goldstone Crescent and follow the National Cycle Network signs leading up Hove Park Road. After a hundred metres turn right into Hove Rec and follow the path round to the right of the rugby pitches until you reach the gates at the far corner.

2 - You are now at The Drive. Cross over Shirley Drive on your left, then wait for the lights to go red so you can position yourself in the road to head south on to The Drive itself. Follow the cycle lane all the way down to the seafront.

3 - When you reach the coast, move into the right-hand lane to ride across the road and on to the seafront cycle path. Turn left and ride for about 500m until you see Brunswick Square on your left. Cross over at the traffic lights and ride up round Brunswick Square to Western Road.

4 - Cross over Western Road at the pelican crossing, and continue up Brunswick Place to Lansdowne Road. Cross over and continue up Furze Hill until you see the entrance to St Ann’s Well Gardens on your left. Here you will find another well-equipped playpark in very peaceful surroundings, as well as the Garden Cafe.

5 - Next you need to get on Nizells Avenue and turn right, heading up to cross over York Avenue and continuing to the junction with Denmark Terrace. Cross over, and ride up Clifton Hill until you reach the T-junction with Dyke Road. Turn right on to Dyke Road, and follow it downhill for about 200m until you see St Nicholas’s park on your left.

6 - This park is not as comprehensively well equipped as the other two, but it does offer some of the highest swings in Brighton.

Once you’re done there, rejoin Dyke Road and head downhill again, turning right at the lights to get on to Upper North Street. Continue along to the lights at the junction with Montpelier Road.

7 - Turn left, and follow the road all the way down to the seafront, where you will find the King’s Road playpark and paddling pool, and a cafe and a shop for seaside trinkets.

* Time: This ride can take a good three to four hours; getting from park to park takes between 15 and 20 minutes each time.

* Equipment: I use a iBert front carrier ( and a Hamax rear seat ( For a locally available alternative, try the Bobike front-mounted seat from Amsterdammers on Open Market, Brighton (call them on 01273 571555).

* Tips: There’s no need to be nervous about riding with a child on your bike. The bike will feel a bit different, but you can practice by simply strapping a 10kg bag of potatoes to the child seat and riding around until you get used to the change in balance and handling. Bike for Life can advise you on all aspects of riding with children. Get in touch by calling 01273 676278.