He’s more known for his crimes against fashion than his crimefighting skills but Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen helped to crack a burglary at a family home.

It was a picture of the flamboyant TV presenter and interior decorator which helped Sussex Police track down a burglar and put him behind bars.

Eagle-eyed scenes of crime officer Chris Gee was the beneficiary of a little help from Laurence as he desperately tried to find evidence of an intruder.

Unable to find any fingerprints in the property, his eye was caught by a picture of the former Changing Rooms star hanging in the window.

Mr Gee, who recently blogged about his unusual method in solving the crime, said: “It was attached to one of his designer mirrors, which was leant against the window on the inside of the home.

“I was told by the owners that the mirror had been moved. It appeared the offender couldn’t climb through the window without moving the mirror first.

“I grabbed my powder brush, looked Laurence in the eye, and covered him in glittery silver powder. To my delight a fingerprint was revealed.”

The fingerprint was the only left by the burglar that was discovered at the home in Bognor. The offender was jailed for 20 months.