Could these be the furriest flatmates in Brighton and Hove?

Cat mad teenager Codie Whymark will live nose to tail with 60 feline friends for three days and nights to raise money for the Lost Cats shelter in Brighton.

To make sure she fits in with the locals, the 19-year-old from Brighton will wear a giant furry suit complete with tail and whiskers.

She will live, sleep and eat in the pen but will be allowed out to use the toilet, rather than the litter trays favoured by her four-legged flatmates.

Codie, who volunteers at the shelter, insisted she was no scaredy-cat and was feline fine about the challenge.

She said: “I’m going to be covered in cats and I don’t mind because I absolutely love them. They’re just so lovable. I know them all and they know me, so it shouldn’t be awkward or anything.”

Furry friends

Codie said the fundraising idea had first been her mother’s, who had said it as a joke.

She said: “I know that it’s not something that happens every day but it does not worry me. I’m just going to be playing with the cats the whole time.

“My friends and family said I was absolutely mad at first but they’re all behind me.”

Codie’s only worry is that she might be cold during the stunt, which will take place on November 23-25. She said: “I might be a bit chilly but at least I’ll have my cat suit and my friends to cuddle up with.”

Ron Ayres, the manager of the cat shelter, said he was “so proud” of Codie for taking on the challenge.

He said: “We are only a small charity so for a youngster to do something like this is amazing.

“The funds are running low so we are trying everything we can. The phone doesn’t stop ringing and people are always coming forward with new cats.

“We really need all the help we can get.”

To donate money call the Lost Cats Shelter on 01273 422721 or visit

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