A school’s swimming pool is set to remain closed until January after a legionella outbreak.

The Argus reported last month how Patcham High school after a higher than normal reading of the water-born bacteria was found in a shower head adjacent to the pool.

The pool had to be closed despite being useable as students would not be allowed to use the showers.

To eliminate the bacteria, the water system was disinfected and the school had to wait until three ‘clear’ bacteria-level readings had been received.

While the bacteria levels have reduced, they are still not completely clear, meaning major works to the water system will now be necessary.

In a letter to parents, the headteacher Paula Sargent wrote: “I am working closely with our PFI providers, Semperian and PPP-iml, whose job it is to implement and fund the necessary works to the water system to resolve this situation quickly.

“They have drawn up an action plan which, among other remedial works, includes the replacement of several sections of our pipework as it is now very old and a major contributor to the recent problems.

“This work will be carried out as quickly as possible but, in the meantime, I regret to say that the pool will have to remain closed.

“I know this situation will be as frustrating to you as it is to me, but the overriding consideration here is for everyone’s health. I do believe that these major works to our water system will be beneficial in the long term and I am hopeful that the pool will be reopened to students by January.”

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