An extravagant dance move went wrong sparking fears an adventurous reveller had literally brought the house down.

A party goer at The Haunt, in Pool Valley, Brighton, was swinging from the rafters at the club’s It’s Still 1985 event, when she fell to the ground with a wooden panel still in her hands.

But the accident, which left one girl with a cut to the back of her head and in need of hospital treatment, sparked rumours the entire roof had caved in.

Fire crews, police officers and paramedics were called to the scene and the club was evacuated at about 1.20am.

Some revellers recalled police officers ushering them out of the venue, telling them the building was structurally unsound after the accident upstairs.

A spokesman from The Haunt said: “There was some miscommunication somewhere that the situation was much more serious than it actually was.

“This girl had simply pulled a wooden panel off the ceiling and someone was hit in the head.

“A screw or hook has come out of the ceiling.

“The ceiling has not caved it – it’s perfectly normal and unblemished.”

Decorative panel

Yesterday (November 18) staff took to Twitter and Facebook to rectify incorrect rumours that a girl had been crushed to death and the entire roof had fallen in.

The spokesman said the panels involved in the accident, described as decorative, had been signed off by the city council.

He said: “It’s not necessarily something which someone should be climbing on.

“People really enjoy themselves, but never usually quite to the standard of literally swinging from the ceiling. They get excited, have a good time and the doormen keep an eye on things.

“Unfortunately this all happened in a matter of seconds and then there was a crash.”

He said the injured woman is believed to be okay, adding: “She was conscious, talking and laughing with the medical staff.”

As a precaution the other two panels in the room were also removed on Sunday after the accident – but bosses stressed it was not because they were unsafe.

The spokesman said: “Nothing’s foolproof and now one panel is down we’ve decided to get rid of them all.”

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