Youngsters are being sent images of child abuse because of an internet and mobile phone scam.

Children are innocently clicking on a link on their Blackberry mobile phones which urges them to “help the victims”.

But when they do they are redirected to images of child porn.

It is not known how many children have seen the images but police officers and schools are being warned about it.

Peacehaven Community College in Greenwich Way is one such school to issue a warning.

A message sent out by staff said: “It has come to our attention that there is a link to a child abuse image currently being distributed via Blackberry Messenger.

“In addition it is also being distributed via other social networking sites. The message asks users to pass the link on to ‘help the victim’.

“Numerous reports are being made to local forces across the country.”

Urgent warning

Head teachers, schools and other agencies were this month sent an urgent warning from Government agency the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

An email from the centre said: “Ongoing work is being undertaken by CEOP and local forces with the Internet Watch Foundation, Blackberry and other social networking sites in order to block the link and identify the source.

“We will look to engage with Blackberry to resolve this issue happening in the future.

“Anyone receiving the link to this image should delete it immediately and not distribute it further. If it comes to your attention that children and young people you work with have received this link please advise them not to share it.

“Schools are advised to warn their community about this in particular, but also to treat any ‘help’ images/messages with suspicion as they can easily be used in this way.”

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