It has been billed as a powerful drama which chronicles the criminal ganglands of Brighton.

But citizens of Brighton and Hove have been taking to Twitter and other social media to dissect the Channel 4 four-parter, and point out that large sections were filmed elsewhere.

Eagled-eyed viewers also complained that The Fear has not been faithful to the city’s geography.

During Monday and Tuesday night’s episode, characters played golf at Hollingbury Park, drove south along Grand Parade – before turning right into Edward Street – wandered through the streets of Hastings old town, and had an unpleasant experience at Birling Gap, Eastbourne.

The finale last night (December 6) saw the lead character drive to the West Pier on a contorted route – travelling east past Adelaide Cresent, west along Madeira drive and in both directions past Brunswick Terrace.

Scenes also appeared to have been shot in Bristol, Bath and London.

Cara Courage took to twitter to point out that a body which was supposed to be dumped was actually dropped from Marine Parade onto Madeira Drive.

Mixed locations

On The Argus’ website, one commentator wrote: “Did anyone notice the location mistake in the first episode?

Unicyclist “We see the main character nearly get run over by a unicyclist at the bandstand near West Pier heading towards Shoreham.

"Yet the next couple of shots are the limo passing the Palace Pier heading back to Shoreham then the main character beating up the unicyclist near the Concorde 2!”

The Fear chronicled the disintegration of the mind of Brighton crime boss, Richie Beckett. Pursuing his dream of rebuilding Brighton’s derelict West Pier, Beckett’s hard-earned respectability is threatened by two new enemies: an invading Albanian mafia and an aggressive form of early onset dementia.

Harry Lloyd, who plays son Matty Beckett, admitted some parts were filmed in Bristol and had seagull noises dubbed over. He said: “Everything’s a cheat – anything to cover up the cracks of the acting.”

In Sussex the show was shot in Adelaide Crescent, Madeira Drive, Palace Pier, West Pier, Warren Road, Bear Road, Racecourse, South Downs and Hollingbury Park Golf Club as well as Birling Gap in Eastbourne.

'Pleasing pier'

A spokesman for the show said: “The Fear is set among the criminal ganglands of Brighton, but filmed largely in Bristol and Bath. Additional scenes were shot in Bath’s Circle Private Hospital, Kingswood School and Red Rag art gallery.”

The show caused controversy earlier this year when it emerged the promotional video of the show, starring Richard E Grant, used Worthing Pier instead of the Palace Pier.

Guy Weller-Poley, locations manager for the show, said: “We chose Worthing because it is a more aesthetically pleasing pier than the Palace Pier.”

It is believed CGI will alter the background to make it look like Brighton.


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