Activists vowed to “stay indefinitely” in the top floor of a university building in protest against the privatisation of campus jobs.

More than 50 students are holed up in Bramber House in the University of Sussex on the fourth day of protests.

One told The Argus they had no plans to move.

Students stormed the building on Thursday afternoon and took control of the top floor conference centre.

Members of the group have issued a set of demands to university bosses and are refusing to come down until they are met.

Yesterday the student, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “The numbers have fluctuated but have grown overnight with more people joining us.

“We have support from all over including other universities.

“We have no intention of going anytime soon. Will we stay forever? Let’s say indefinitely.

“People are supporting us. They are bringing us food and water.

“We have a huge amount of support.”

The university said: “The students involved have been given access to food, water and toilets.

"They are free to leave whenever they wish. We're keeping the situation under review.”

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