The mother of a young cancer sufferer “was able to see her little girl again” at a magical day at The Dome in Brighton.

Children with life-limiting illnesses, and their siblings, were invited to dress up, put on makeup or face paint and sing and dance to their heart’s content.

And the Memory Making Day organised by Brighton-based charity Facing Forward was caught on film for families to keep.

Gilli Davidson’s daughter Niamh was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour, a type of kidney cancer, last year, which has recurred in her lungs.

Niamh had to have chemotherapy yesterday morning, but joined her twin and older brother at the event at lunchtime.

Her mum said: “The medicine makes her feel really poorly and she was quite low in the hospital in the morning, but she was literally swept off of her feet.

“She just had such a wonderful time. I was able to see my little girl again.

“I think the whole energy and vibrancy of the day meant you were swept away with it.

“As soon as we got home unfortunately Niamh started being sick again, which is the chemotherapy doing its work, but usually she is sick all day.

“She was so taken away she was able to forget everything else and I was really able to see her – she wasn’t being ill or having to deal with all of the effects.

“How her body managed to do that today, I don’t know.”

Tasleen Carstairs, founder of charity Facing Forward, put on the Memory Making Day at The Dome in conjuction with Demelza Children's Hospice and children from Brighton and Hove.

In previous years they have in conjunction with Chestnut Tree House, Teenage Cancer Trust and Royal Marsden Hospital.

The 36 children became stars for the day, dancing on stage to the Glee version of Michael Jackson’s ABC on the Brighton Dome Concert Hall stage.

Mrs Davidson said: “Niamh was just being a little girl – dressed up beautifully, singing and dancing.

“It’s not often you get to experience anything quite like that. I did not expect it to be the way it was

“It was being held in such a special venue as well. I love The Dome and to feel your part of something that’s happening there is really lovely.

“In the break times Niamh was just running around with the other little girls, just being a seven-year-old.

“I’m just amazed by it. It was lovely sunshine in quite a difficult time.”