A life-sized silhouette of a deadly drone bomber will be on display throughout May as part of an art exhibition.

The chilling symbol of modern warfare will be in Madeira Drive as part of Brighton Festival.

Titled Under the Shadow of the Drone, the visual art piece is intended to convey the terror of a military drone appearing in the skies above a city.

James Bridle, the London-based artist behind the piece, is also a columnist for The Observer.

He said: “Drones are just the latest in a long line of military technologies augmenting the process of death-dealing, but they are among the most efficient, the most distancing, the most invisible.

“We all live under the shadow of the drone, although most of us are lucky enough not to live under its direct fire.”

The project has been commissioned by Brighton-based digital agency Lighthouse and Brighton Festival.

The artwork will be in place from the beginning of May and is free to visit.

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