Gender neutral toilets could be built at the University of Sussex to cater for transgender students.

The students' union is in discussion with the university to install three types of toilets, men's, women's and gender neutral, on campus. It is part of a union-wide review into how it caters towards trans students.

Imogen Adie, communications officer for the students' union, said the aim was to make trans-students feel as welcome at Sussex as possible.

Miss Adie, who lives in Brighton, said: “It's an exciting piece of work. We want to break down barriers and make university a more welcoming place for everyone.

“I think the university are really open to it. The University of Sussex is a really open community and we want people to know that.

“We want to make people's experience of university as easy as possible.”

She said so far fellow under and postgraduates had been supportive of the idea, which has already been trialled by Brighton and Hove City Council in the city.

The city's first gender neutral toilets were built along the seafront in Rottingdean last year.

The union added: “We are working towards forming the first university trans-student policy and we need your help.

“To ask trans-people which identity they fit into can be painful, and yet when we have gendered toilets we ask them to do this every day.

“We'd like the university to provide more gender neutral toilets alongside single gender toilets so that all of our students are comfortable and safe on campus.”

A University of Sussex spokeswoman said: “The subject has been raised by the Students' Union and the university is in discussion about it - but there's not a lot else we can say at this stage.”

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