A light-hearted charity event saw fundraisers race across Hove beach carrying huge balls under their arms.

Yesterday’s event was held to raise money for male cancer projects. Women were encouraged to take part but asked to wear a comedy moustache and run “in a manly manner”.

Competitors had to carry their balls under their arms for the whole three kilometre race, despite obstacles such as running through wallpaper paste and dipping their arms in buckets of olive oil to make the balls slippery.

Organiser David Samuel said: “It went extremely well. We had 122 competitors, many of whom got extremely wet. The comedy ninjas supplied by Brighton College were particularly effective at boosting the boys’ balls beach-ward.”

There were 16 obstacles, each sponsored by a local business, testing stamina, dexterity and ability to recite tongue twisters.

“One person tried to cheat by putting his balls up his T-shirt but he was swiftly spotted and thrown in the lagoon,” said Mr Samuel.