Museum bosses are not as pleased as Punch after puppets left out for children to play with were stolen.

A cunning thief has pinched Punch and Judy from the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

And instead of investigating Punch’s behaviour the play’s famous policeman has also found his way into the thief’s hands.

Bosses at the council-run museum believe the three puppets were taken over the last few days.

Commenting on the disappearance a council spokesperson said: “These glove puppets were particularly nice and made to be used as part of the visitor experience but someone’s made off with both of them and, what’s more, the policeman has gone as well.

“But seriously, these were not part of the permanent collection and were made specifically for children and adults to play with but now they have gone AWOL.

“We did foresee this and had a second set made, but they will have to be tethered so we can hold onto them for longer, so we hope to have them out in the gallery soon.”

Glyn Edwards, who has performed Punch and Judy shows on Brighton Beach for over 50 years, was sad to hear the puppets had been taken. He said: “It’s sad that the holding collection has been taken, but it’s a good thing that somebody finds Punch and Judy interesting enough to take them.

“Punch and Judy shows in Brighton had a massive impact on the Mr Punch character you see today. The thief better watch out for crocodiles and a slapstick, you don’t mess with Mr Punch.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Punch, Judy or the policeman, call Brighton Museum and Art Gallery on 03000 290900.


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