There are fears two people may have drowned after they were seen going into a storm water pipe.

Emergency services were called to the culvert pipe in Bexhill Road in St Leonards just after 2pm today (May 21).

Firefighters, police and the coastguard searched the area but could not find the couple.

With the tide coming in, all rescue officers were stood down by the late afternoon.

A spokesman for the Coastguard explained that the pipe would be full by 6pm and if anyone was inside they would most likely have drowned.

Members of the coastguard will inspect the culvert pipe at the next low tide which is around midnight tonight.

The spokesman said: “It is difficult to say what has happened. It may be that they didn’t go in at all or they came out without the person seeing.

“We searched the surrounding area, beach and waters but couldn’t find anything. We will check tonight just to be sure.”

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