A cycling clown led a procession of bikes through a busy city centre.

As part of the gardening festival Chelsea Fringe, Handlebar Gardens Bike Ride delivered plants and trees to their new beds in Tarner, Brighton earlier this month.

The convoy of bikes and trailers pedalled from Preston Park Velodrome with musical accompaniment along London Road to The Level for a picnic, before delivering the plants to Kingswood and Milner Flats.

Tommy Tickle, chairman of the Kingswood and Milner Tenants’ and Residents’
Association, said: “This is just the start of a huge project to improve the outdoor areas around our buildings, which are very grim at the moment and local residents are enthusiastic about making positive changes.”

A group of partners including Brighton and Hove City Council, who are delivering the planters, are contributing to the project and have submitted a planning application to regenerate the Circus Street Market area near the flats.

Sainsbury’s on Lewes Road and Morrisons on St James Street have also donated gardening equipment and plants.