FOOTBALL fans are being encouraged to enjoy themselves during the World Cup – but not to mix drinking and driving.

Many of the matches during the tournament in Brazil are being played late at night and into the early hours of the morning.

Some venues across Sussex will be keeping their doors open to serve drink to revellers.

Fans who drink into the early hours are likely to still be over the limit hours later or the morning after, even if they have gone to bed after the game.

Throughout June officers are looking for drivers who have been drinking or have taken drugs as part of Operation Dragonfly, the force’s summer crackdown.

They have now also reminded pubs, bars and clubs that if they serve revellers who they know are drunk they are committing an offence.

Unlawful Sussex Police licensing and public safety manager, Jean Irving, said: “Licensees are required by law to promote the objectives of the Licensing Act, specifically ensuring public safety and the prevention of crime and disorder.

“Serving someone who is drunk is both socially irresponsible and also unlawful.”

Head of roads policing, Superintendent Jane Derrick, said: “Too many people have been caught already this month driving after drinking or taking drugs.

“The World Cup will encourage people to drink later into the night and fans may not realise how long it takes the alcohol to leave their systems.

“The fact is that if you are still drinking at the final whistle, you will likely still have alcohol in your bloodstream when you get up the next day – meaning if we stop you it could cost you your licence.

“If you are going to have a drink, think not only about what you will do after the game but how you will get around the next morning.”

People can text police on 65999 with details of those they suspect of drink or drug driving or visit