Dog owners are being warned to keep their pets under control around sheep.

The plea comes after an owner was fined £600 last year when his dog killed four sheep on Telscombe Tye, Telscombe Cliffs.

Despite the heavy fine, a number of sheep-worrying incidents have been reported to police this summer.

Sheep are flighty animals and flee when they perceive danger. As a result dog chases often end in serious injury or death.

Police are urging owners to keep dogs under full control, ideally on leads.

They are also calling on owners to check their own boundary fences to keep their dogs contained within gardens.

PC Louise Barkaway, said: "Sheep-worrying is still a problem in the Telscombe Tye.

"Please keep all dogs on a lead when around sheep. Any dog worrying sheep on farmland can be shot by farmers in order to protect their livestock.

"Anyone who does not keep their dogs under control also risks being prosecuted.”

Anyone who witnesses sheep-worrying should call police on 101.