Walkers raise £143,000 for St Barnabas House hospice

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THE STREETS were lit up with a blaze of pink on Saturday night as more than 1,000 charity walkers raised £143,000.

Mothers, daughters and grandmothers put on their walking boots for the annual Night to Remember midnight walk in Worthing for St Barnabas House hospice care.

More than 1,000 walked various routes of seven miles, 13.1 miles (half marathon) and 20 miles from midnight until the early hours.

Event Organiser Lucy Bone praised the walkers, describing their £143,000 total as “exceeding all expectations”.

She said: “Each year the event goes from strength to strength. This year, the money raised will go towards funding our Hospice at Home service.

“So by walking through the night, our women walkers have raised enough to pay for hundreds of patients to be cared for in the comfort of their own homes.

“In fact, the walkers have paid for our night service for the whole of the next year.”

The walkers set off from Worthing Leisure Centre before taking to the town centre streets and then the promenade. Those tackling the 20 mile route continued along the coast to Lancing and Shoreham, taking in sights such as Worthing Pier and the Dome.

One of those taking part was St Barnabas House Lancing charity shop volunteer Stef Ransley.

Like many of the other participants, she had a personal motivation driving her on. Her godmother was cared for at the old hospice in 2009 and her mother passed away in the new hospice in 2011.

She said: “The charity is very close to my heart and anything I can do to support it I will. I volunteer at the Lancing charity shop, have walked the Night to Remember four times, and volunteered at the event twice.”

More than £1million has been raised for the hospice by the Night to Remember event over the last seven years.

Bookings are already being taken for next year’s event, with a discounted early-bird entry fee for those registering before the end of the year.

The independent charity runs a hospice in Titnore Lane, Worthing, as well as running a home care service.

To book a place see www.nighttoremember.org.uk.


More than 1,000 took part in the annual event. See if you can spot your friends and family members in this list of participants:

Linda Abraham
Sophie Abraham
Coco Adagh
Millah Adams
Roni Adams
Brenda Addison
Emma Al-Kass
Tara Al-Kass
Penny Alcaraz
Charlotte Allcock
Vicky Allen
Hayley Allgeier
Annabelle Alloway
Elizabeth Amey
Denise Andrews
Karen Andrews
Trish Andrews
Kelly Angus
Lauren Angus
Amy Ansermoz
Anna Archer
Mandy Arena
Louise Armitage
Andie Armstrong
Kirsty Armstrong
Lisa Ashby
Karen Ashton
Alice Aston
Amy Aston
Susan Aston
Elizabeth Attwell
Margaret Auspwick
Debbie Austin
Rachel Austin
Karen Awde
Teni Awonoiki
Katie Ayling
Jo Bacon
Laura Bacon
Lucy Bacon
Danielle Baguley
Elizabeth Baguley
Jessica Baker
Lauren Baker
Linda Baker
Lynsey Baker
Lyndsey Baker
Anna Balcanquall
Julie Ball
Julie Ball
Sally Ballamy
Sue Balut
Fiona Bambridge
Janice Bandy
Theresa Banfield
Carol Banks
Sarah Banks
Lisa Bant
Heidi Barber
Bianca Barker
Harley Barnes
Rachel Barnett
Katherine Barrett
Serena Batty
R D Baxter
Helen Beale
Sarah Beels
Rachel Belcher
Veronica Belcher
Lynn Benfield
Ann Bennett
Marina Bester-Lee
Shirley Bevan
Hilary Bibb
Sarah Bibby
Jessica Bignell
Hannah Birch
Michelle Birch
Jackie Bisazza
Kathryn Blakeborough
Avril Blakemore
Wendy Blann
Sandy Blinch
Christine Bohea
Maureen Bolton
Nancy Bond
Kerry Bonham
Margaret Booker
Alison Boram
Sue Borgars
Hannah Borrego
Kerry Borrer
Sarah Borrer
Sammy Boshell
Robyn Boswell
Mel Bouglas
Shauna Bowen
Sally Bowen-Davies
Emma Boyd-Hall
Gillian Bracey
Joy Bradbury-Ball
Anna Bradley
Gillian Brady
Stella Bray
Katie Brayne
Lesley Jan Brazier
Sharon Brigden
Elaine Bright
Carole Brock
Lindsey Brock
Laura Bronda
Laraine Brooke
Simona Broughton Violi
Natalie Brown
Tessa Brown
Toni Brown
S Broxham
Claire Budd
Wendy Bunker
Charlene Burdfield
Gemma Burdfield
Jacqueline Burdfield
Regan Buree
Elizabeth Burns
Paula Burrows
Melanie Burton
Aimee Butler
Margaret Butler
Susan Butler
Helen Byrne
Leanne Cadden
Marlene Cadman
Sarah Cahill
Michelle Camisa
Lina Campbell
Nicola Carden
Joanna Carrington
Aimee Carter
Catherine Carter
Helen Carter
Emily Cartwright
Rachel Casey
Jane Chadwick
Lynn Chapman
Tara Charles
Carol Charlton
Nicola Charndler
Deborah Chatfield
Paula Chatfield
Sally-Ann Cherrett
Nsama Chibulu
Tracy Child
Chrissie Chinamaya
Kate Chipperfield
Giovanna Chirico
Maria Chirico
Alvena Chisnall
Gemma Christie
Susan Christie
Suzanne ChrIstodoulou
Rachel Chrystal
Louise Churcher
Pippa Cicero
Beth Clarke
Wendy Cleaver
Iolanda Clegg
Ashleigh Clements
Keri Klevett
Hayley Climpson
Emily Coffey
Emily Coggin
Karen Colbourne
Andrea Coleman
Grace Collins
Bella Colloff
Rita Compton
Jade Concannon
Caroline Constantine
Tania Cook
Teresa Cook
Carol Cooke
Jacqui Cooke
Lauren Cooke
Lucy Cooke
Lucy Cooksley
Alison Cooper
Lucy Cooper
Samantha Cooper
Wendy Coppard
Michele Copping
Nicola Cornish
Susan Cosgrove
Judith Cosham
Danielle Coskin
Janet Coskin
Anita Cotton
Nicola Cotton
Joanna Courtnadge
Suzanne Coutinho
Elena Coward
Debbie Cowley
Naomi Cox
Tracy Cozens
Susan Crabb
Elise Crane
Emma Crane
M Cranford
Alix Creaney
Abbie Cripps
Elizabeth Crockett
Rebecca Crossley
Leanne Croydon
Kathleen Cullen
Carolyn Cumber
Alexia Cundy
Charlotte Cunningham
Jo Curling
Claire Cuthbert
Lavena Dalgleish
Doreen Daniels
Lucia Dann
Jude Darbyshire
Elizabeth Daughtrey
Jaime Daughtrey
Claire Davey
Janice Davey
Kim Davidge
Gill Davidson
Cherry Davis
Jane Davis
Julie Davis
Julie Davis
Samantha Davis
Susan Davis
Sylvia Day
Sian De Courcy
Natasha De Freitas
Sharon De-Smit
Gina Deen
Louise Deluca
Brenda Dibb
Catherine Dines
Lesley Divall
Jackie Dixon
Lesley Dodd
Katie Dodds
Caroline Dollemore
Lucia Dominguez
Anna Donovan
Mollie Donovan
Claire Dopson
Sharon Dormer
Christina Dowling
Irene Dowsett
Thandiwe Dralega
Fiona Dray
Jill Dudley
Sharon Duff
Linda Dunford
Stacey Jean Dunford
Sara Dunford-Travers
Alison Dunkley
Cathy Dynes
Geraldene Eaton
Myrna Eccles
Emma Edmonds
Kim Edmonds
Cathy Edwards
Marianne Edwards
Nicola Ann Edwards
Janet Elkins
Kim Elliot
Paula Elliot
Judy Elliott
Lindsay Elliott
Natalie Ellis
Jo Elvidge
Andrea Enticknapp
Sabriye Eren
Tracey Etherington
Chloe Evans
Janine Evans
Annette Eyte
Janet Eyte
Melanie Farrow
Veronica Farrow
Sharon Featherstone
Stephanie Featherstone
Sharon Fellingham
Louisa Fernandez
Sarah Ferrar
Lavinia Finch
Samantha Fincham
Debra Finnamore
Claire Fisher
Hari Flanagan
Tania Fleming
Taylor Fleming
Fiona Flowerdew
Lucy Fogden
Alice Ford
Carol Ford
Claire Ford
Janet Ford
Mandy Ford
Beverley Forrest
Eileen Forster
Coral Francis
Breda Francke
Sandra Franks
Amelia Frazer
Elizabeth Freeman
Susan Freeman
Lucy French
Rose French
Jane Fry
Natasha Fudge
Sandie Fudge
Carol Fulcher
Julia Funnell
Tara Gallagher
Scarlett Gamble
Kirsty Gardner-Drury
Morgan Garnell
Stephanie Garner
Adriana Garrett
Fran Garrett
Natasha Gatenby
Susan Gatland
Annette Gaydon
Dawn George
Emma George
Lianne George
Carol Geraghty
Andrea Gharsallah
Sara Gharsallah
Alison Giacomelli
Sarah Gibb
Sarah Gigg
Kirsten Giles
Caroline Gilfrin
Kelly Gilholm
Angela Gill
Julia Gillick
Alison Godley
Karen Godley
Alison Golds
Chloe Golds
Danielle Golds
Lesley Golds
Catherine Goldsmith
Lezli Gomm
Vanessa Good
Sam Goode
Amy Gooding
Chloe Gooding
Jodie Gough
Louise Gower
Carey-Ann Gowler
Tahnee Graham
Jill Grainger
Dee Graves
Katie Gray
Susan Greco
Alison Green
Cathy Green
Elaine Green
Helen Green
Nicolette Green
Andrea Greenfield
Linda Greens
Sarah Gregory
Emma Gretton
Megan Gretton
Linda Griffiths
Sarah Grimes
Debbie Guile
Jo Gull
Steph Gurr
Kimberley Guy
Sally Haggis
Amy Hall
Emma Hall
Emma Victoria Hall
Karen Hall
Lizzie Hall
Sarah Hall
Tracey Halliday
Aisha Hamilton
Elli Hamilton
Lucy Hammond Illes
Lesley Hammond
Susan Hammond
Hannah Harber
Pauline Harber
Rachel Hardy
Nicola Harman
Sarah Harrild
Anna-Marie Harris
Sue Harris
Louise Harrison
Nicki Harrison
Alison Hart
Verity Hart
Daryl Hartley
Lynne Hartridge
Kathleen Harvey
Sarah Haswell
Shantel Hatfield
Gillian Hawkes
Abbie Hayes
Brieann Hazelton
Christine Healy
Sue Heath
Louca-Mai Hedgecock
Lisa Hemsley
Kate Henwood
Ali Herbert
Cecilia Ann Hickey
Louise Hickey
Mary Hicks
Jenny Hide
Anna Hill
Pearl Hill
Tiki Hills
Victoria Hills
Yasmin Hills
Joanne Hoad
Sherri Hobbs
Samantha Hobden
Rebecca Holcroft
Emily Holder
Julie Holden
Sandra Holden
Glynis Holley
Nicola Hollingworth
Rachael Holmes
Marion Holywell
Jane Hook
Cathy Hooper
Amie Hopper
Jasmine Hopper
Nicola Howard
Dawn Howell
Sheila Howell
Julia Huckett
Shelley Huckett
Carolyn Hudson
Dannielle Hughes
Siobhan Hull
Estelle Humphrey
Helen Humphrey
Kayleigh Humphrey
Karen Humphrey
Tracey Humphrey
Susan Humphrey-Roberts
Lisa Hunt
Rachel Hunter
Sonia Hunter
Annette Huntley
Emma Hutchence
Cheryl Hyseni
Fiona Ireland
Leila Isolda
Hannah Issberner
Linda Jackson
Michelle Jackson
Laura Jacobs
Amy James
Lisa James
Lorraine James
Sarah James
Linda Jannece
Tracy Jarvis
Maxine Jay
Laura Jenner
Kerry Jennings
Rosie Johns
Katie Johnson
Stevie Johnson
Michelle Johnston
Donna Jones
Lisa Jones
Theresa Jones
Zara Jones
Veronika Jonesova
Heather Jordan
Jen Jordan
Deborah Joyce
Sally Judges
Natasha Kahoro
Claire Keeble
Sarah Kelleway
Linda Kemp-Smith
Jackie Keogh
Majella Kerrigan
Angela King
Lyndsay King
Nicola King
Tracy King
Deborah Kinght
Valerie Kirk
Linda Kirkpatrick
Deborah Knibb
Sue Knights
Caroline J Kosa
Celia Kruse
Michaela Kruse
Emma Lacey
Giustina Lake
Jill Laker
Megan Lambert
Karen Lane
Jodie Langell
Alison Langrish
Emily Langrish
Jane Langton
Natalie Larrive
Rosie Last
Victoria Laverick
Theodora Lawlan
Emma Lawrence
Jacqueline Lawrence
Victoria Lawrence
Jesel Laxman
Jan Leake
Beverly Lee
V Lee
Chloe Leggett
Nicola Lesser
Gill Leveson
Keren Lewis
Sandra Lewis
Kara Lidbetter
Lauren Lidbetter
D Lidbetter
Vanessa Lidbetter
Margaret Light
Petrina Light
Suzanne Lilley
Michelle Linfield
Melanie Linscer
Sue Linscer
Tammy Linsey
Kiya Lish
Lynn Liston
Debbie Lockwood
Louise Lohman
Nicola Long
Vikki Longdon
Sue Longhurst
Kirsti Longland
Rachel Longley
Dawn Lord
Pat Lowndes
Trudi Lucas
Debbie Lukey-Hutton
Christina Lunn
Kelly Luxford
Sophie Luxford
Jill Lynch
Natalie MacGarvie
Laura Jane MacK
Dawn Madell
Christina Maguire
Natasha Mahoney
Shelley Mahoney
Denise Mahy
Barbara Maidment
Nicky Mallinson
Kirsty Malone
Jill Mander
Ann Manley
Helen Manley
Heather Mannings
Lorraine Mannings
Ann-Marie Mansell
Laura Manser
Beverley Manvell
Michelle Manvell
Paige Manvell
Samantha Manzie
Alison Marchant
Jayne Marklew
Sarah Marrett
Emily Marshall
Natalie Marshall
Amber Martin
Joyce Martin
Lorrie Maslen
Marion Mason
Helen Mathieson
Elizabeth Matthew
Sarah Matthew
Amy Matthews
Liz Matthews
Stacy Matthews
Jane May
Caroline McCabe
Jane McCarthy
Khristina McCormack
Denise McGrath
Jackie Mcintosh
Jean McMeekin
Sarah McMenamin
Elaine McMullin
Fiona McNealy
Maria Mead
Emma Meheux
Debbie Melloy
Joanne Meredith
Becky Merrett
Ashlee Metcalfe
Valerie Metcalfe
Anita Miles
Emma Miles
Gemma Miller
Samantha Miller
Sharon Miller
Jane Mills
Margaret Mills
Ruth Milne
Anna Mitchell
Danielle Mitchell
Janice Mitchell
Linda Mitchell
Jazzie Moon
Vikki Moran
Sophie Moreton
Marie Morgan
Rebecca Morgan
Sally Morgan
Helen Morton
Leah Moseley
Nokuthaba Moyo
Christine Muir
Kayleigh Mullane
Chantelle Murdoch
Anita Murphy
Leanne Murphy
Sylvia Murphy
Bev Nally
Hannah Nancollas
Tamara Nasser
Amanda Neal
Linda Neale
Ali Neocleous
Debbie Newman
Denise Newman
Kay Newman
Samantha Newman
Penny Newson
Clare Nichols
Karen Noakes
Rachel Noblett
C A Nock
Chloe Noon
Hilary Norcross
Jo Norman
Michelle Northrop
Cassie Norton
Karen Nutley
Jennifer Nye
Julie Oakley
Emma Ody
Catherine Oehlers
Joanna Oldridge
Tina Olliver
Katie O'Neill
Lavinia Osborn
Victoria Osborn
Dawn Osborne
Tara Osborne
Lorraine Overington
Holly Ovett
Angela Owen
Rosemary Packer
Julie Padley
Imogen Page
Patricia Page
Catherine Paris
Stacy Parker
Deirdre Parr
Kirstyn Parratt
Jayne Parsons
Noreen Parsons
Sara Parsons
Finnie Patel
Jenny Payne
Lisa Payne
Bev Pearce
Nina Pearson
Sophie Peck
Laura Pegg
Anita Penny
Debbie Perch
Jane Percy
Amy Perry
Katie Pescott
Sylvia Pescott
Barbara Phillips
Karen Phillips
Claire Phipps
Emma Phipps
Laura Phipps
Pamela Pick
Anne Pickersgill
Nicola Pierce
Lucy Pizer
Charlotte Plant
Lottie Plimmer
Suzie Plimmer
Jo Pocock
Carrie Pollard
Christina Pollard
Charlotte Pook
Sherrilyn Porter
Rhiannon Potter
Sian Potter
Ann Power
Rebecca Presley
Traci Price
Emma Prince
Jane Proctor
Patricia Purdy
Kelly Purnell
Eileen Quinn
Samantha Quinnell
Natasha Quorn
Rhianna Rackley
Amy Radlett
Mandy Radley
Penny Rae
Sharon Raeburn
Harriet Ragoonath
Debbie Ramsey
Katherine Rance-Shilbach
Chloe Randall
Lisa Randall
Stefanie Ransley
Lorraine Ravenscroft-Neal
Olivia Real
Kerry Reardon
Natalie Reardon
Hazel Redford
Jodie Redman
Toni Redman
Dorothy Reed
Esther Reed
Sue Reed
Jenny Rees
Victoria Reffin
Rachel Rendell
Jacqueline Reynolds
Tina Reynolds
Alison Rice
Ebony Richards
Emma Richards
Lucy Richards
Ruby Richards
Sally Richardson
Tina Ricketts
Vicki Rider
Jemma Rigby
Charlotte Roberts
Fiona Roberts
Janet Roberts
Tandy Roberts
Terri Roberts
Debbie Robertson
Della Robins
Jemma Robinson
Suelae Robinson
Danielle Rodemark
Katey Rodrigues
Claudine Rogers
Kerry Rogers
Lynn Rogers
Emilie Rooke
Joanne Rootes
Emily Rose
Sharon Rose
Venetta Rose
Christine Rounds
Lucie Rounds
Tia Royle
Paige Rudge
Ann-Marie Rushworth
Christina Russell
Sharon Russell
Heather Ruth
Sarah Ryan
Becky Saunders
Emily Saunders
Kathryn Saunders
Nicole Saunders
Tamsin Saunders
Charlotte Savage
Mary Sawyer
Claire Scholes
Debbie Scott
Elizabeth Scott-Gilba
Valerie Scott-Willings
Jan Sell
Aysha Sen
Janet Serby
Ann Seymour
Kathryn Seymour
Lynda Shailes
Annabel Shapcott
Lisa Sharman
Victoria Sharp
Christel Shaw
Sarah Shearing
Steph Sheehan
Alanya Shelley
Linda Shelley
Kerry Lewis
Sandra Sheppard
Callie Shergold
Nikita Shergold
Anne Shipsey
Rebecca Shoebridge
Anne-Marie Short
Beverley Short
Maggie Short
June Shorter
Gerry Sidhu
Gabbi Sienni
Inacia Maria Silva
Jade Simmons
Gayle Simons
Tessie Simons
Amada Simpson
Silvana Simpson
Jasmine Sims
Claire Singleton
Glennys Skeates
Rebecca Skeates
Sarah Skeates
Julie Slater
Megan Slater
Natasha Slater
Lynda Slocomb
Patricia Smallman
Barbara Smith
Debbie Smith
Janet Smith
Kelly Smith
Lisa Smith
Michele Smith
Sarah Smith
Tracey Snart
Helena Solomon
Yian Solomon
Michelle Sparkes
Yasmin Sparshott
Natalie Spicer
Sandra Squire
Carrie Stace
Chelsea Stace
Kayleigh Stace
Michelle Stace
Roxanne Stace
Sabrina Stace
Kelly Stafford
Sian Standing
Claire Stanford
Eve Stanford
Jane Stanton-Roberts
Melanie Staunton
Jemma Stavely
Olivia Steel
Cheryl Steele
Janice Stephenson
Amanda Stevens
Kelly Stevens
Natasha Stevens
Ruth Stevens
Kelly Stevens-Bell
Judith Stone
Mollie Stone
Maureen Stoner
Lisa Stones
Helen Straine
Pauline Strong
Angel strudwick
Chloe Strudwick
Jane Strudwick
Tammy Strudwick
Yolandi Struthers
Meggie Stubbing
Polly Stubbing
Rhonda Stubbing
Jane Stubbs
Tina Sullivan
Julia Sweeney
Julia Symonds
Amanda Tarratt
Yvonne Tate
Amanda Tattersall
Jackie Taylor
Meesha Taylor
Sue Teague-Smith
Mary Tee
Marie Terry
Jade Tester
Tanya Tester
Nicola Thick
Carol Thomas
Helen Thomas
Lee Thomas
Carly Thompson
Clare Thompson
Suzanne Thorpe
Vanessa Tiller
Lynsey Tindall
Jessica Tompkins
Johanne Toth
Karen Toulouse
Heather Tovey
Alice Townson
Siobhan Travers
Emily Tredwell
Diane Trill
Holly Trill
Rachel Troullos
Alice Tughan
Jane Tughan
Zoe Tulett
Alice Tully
Jean Tully
Tina Turner
Paula Tyler
Sarah Tyler
Kathryn Tyrer
Jackie Usher
Francecsa Uwins
Milli Valentova
Lucy Van Nes
Wendy Vanderhoven
Paris Venes
Elaine Victory
Gemma Jane Vine
Victoria Vinten
Jenny Volant
Donna Vye
Amanda Walker
Anne Walker
Sam Walker
Sharon Walker
Yvonne Walker
Ellesse Wallace
Sonya Wallis
Natasha Walsh
Chrissie Walton
Pam Walton
Han Wang
Flora Ward
Sophie Ward
Karen Warland
Laura Warner
George Warwick
Lynne Waters
Carla Watson
Michaela Watts
Louisa Way
Pauline Way
Sherry Wayne
Paula Weller
Sarah Wenborn
Jade Westgate
Amanda Wheeler
Nina Whiddett
Amanda White
Corrine White
Amanda Wicker
Charlotte Widdows
Sophia Wilks
Barbara Willett
Helen Williams
Jacqui Williams
Katie Willmont
Marion Wilmot
B Wilson
Davida Wilson
Emily Wilson
Penny Wilson
Judy Wise
Claire Wood
Jane Woodburn
Cathy Woodward
Rebecca Woodward
Susan Woodward
Georgie Woollacott
Judi Woollacott
Natasha Woollacott
Lynn Woolley
Clare Wren
Kirsty Wren
Kylie Wren
Laura Wright
Louise Wright
Allison Wyatt
Cheryl Yates
Lesley Yates
Clare Young


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11:26am Mon 23 Jun 14

stevensavage says...

well done to everyone who had taken part
well done to everyone who had taken part stevensavage
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11:40am Mon 23 Jun 14

Kit Napier's Beard says...

Well done everybody
Well done everybody Kit Napier's Beard
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