THIS monster lizard went to great lengths to make sure he got his fair share of vitamin D.

Keith, a one-and-a-half-metre-long giant iguana, enjoyed a spot of sunbathing on Hastings beach.

The exotic reptile was re-homed at Blue Reef Aquarium after his owner could no longer look after him.

Leanna Lawson from the aquarium said: “We’ve got a special harness which allows us to take him for a wander around the displays at let him fully explore his new home and the surrounding area.

“As well as being good exercise for the iguanas, it’s also proving to be quite an encounter for the visitors.

“Keith is a truly impressive lizard and he’s certainly causing quite a stir.

“He’s a fantastic edition to the newly-expanded area – he’s extremely used to people and is very comfortable being handled by the keepers.”

The walks along the beach not only allow Keith to keep fit and healthy but also ensure his claws don’t grow too long.