A PUBLIC servant who spearheaded a campaign to save a historic pier is this week’s local hero.

Simon Hubbard, director of regeneration at Hastings Borough Council, went above and beyond to support his community in helping to save Hastings Pier.

As well as being named an Argus Local Hero, Simmon has made a “local authority hero” by Locality, a network of community-led organisations.

Simon received his ‘local authority hero’ award at a ceremony in central London on 30 June.

Jess Steele, of the White Rock Trust, who nominated Simon for the Locality award, said: “Simon was enormously helpful in the battle to save Hastings Pier.

“Once we persuaded him (and eventually the whole council) of the potential, they became an active partner.

“Simon steered us through rocky waters to achieve the compulsory purchase order and convinced both local authorities to strengthen our Heritage Lottery Fund application by underwriting the funding gap.

“He continues to be helpful to the White Rock Trust in our efforts to ensure that the area captures the benefits of the pier rejuvenation.

“Simon is steeped in public sector culture but can see beyond it. That means he can get things done on behalf of the community.

“As one of three executive directors at the council, he’s very important but always has time to help with the detail.”

Councillor Jeremy Birch, leader of Hastings Borough Council, said: “I’m pleased for Simon Hubbard as his award is thoroughly deserved.

“I made a pledge that the pier would be compulsorily purchased, and Simon saw that through and worked tirelessly with the community to attract the funding to make the project a reality – a lesson in local people working with their local council for the public good.”

Steve Wyler, locality chief executive, said: “Our Local Authority Heroes Awards are designed to celebrate the local authority staff and councillors, such as Simon, involved in outstanding partnership working, and to say thank you to him and to them all, for all their work.”

Hundreds of heroes go almost unnoticed in our local communities. But The Argus is determined to give them the recognition they thoroughly deserve. We have teamed up with housing repair and maintenance company Mears for our weekly Local Hero Awards. We are inviting readers to nominate their candidates and tell us why they have put them forward for the award.

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