A hospices charity received a welcome boost after an article appeared in The Argus.

Brighton-based Handbags for Hospices appeared in our newspaper when co-founder Abi Bowen told how it aided hospices by selling donated handbags.

Abi said: “Shopping for a handbag is fun. You don’t have to take your clothes off and one size fits all.”

When Sally Evans, 60, of Lustrells Vale, Saltdean, read the story she saw an opportunity to help – and has since managed to donate more than 180 handbags.

Slimming World leader Sally said: “Immediately I was inspired. It tied in perfectly with weight loss. “Members talk of the guilty pleasure of buying a new handbag and I remembered several who had bought a new handbag to celebrate a weight loss goal.”

Sally spread the word at her meetings in Brighton, Hove, Newhaven and Seaford.

Sally said: “The response has been incredible.”

Abi said: “I am amazed. It goes to show what a group of women can achieve when they get together.

To donate a handbag, find your local Weight Watchers meeting at www.weightwatcherslocal.co.uk