Lifeboat and coastguard crews were called out three times in quick successful after boats got into difficulties off the Sussex coast.

The Brighton RNLI boat was sent to help a vessel which had a thick rope caught around its propeller close to the Palace Pier, at about 6.20pm on Saturday.

The lifeboat, with the support of the Newhaven Coastguard, was unable to free the rope so used an anchor to secure the stricken boat instead.

It then took the three crew members off the vessel and returned them to Brighton Marina.

One of the crew was suffering severe sea-sickness and was treated by paramedics at a waiting ambulance when they arrived back on land.

The lifeboat immediately went back out again to help another fishing vessel which had the same problem.

It had dropped anchor but was not holding and so needed to be towed back to safety.

The coastguard was then sent to the aid of a yacht in the middle of the River Ouse where it flows out to the sea at Newhaven.

The yacht was anchored but swinging around in the tide.

The person who reported it had tried to raise the attention of anyone onboard unsuccessfully.

The coastguard used its siren to raise the alarm and established the crew on board were okay and waiting for the tide to come in so they could go on up the river to Lewes.