STAFF who lost their jobs at a school which suddenly closed down are seeking compensation.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) is seeking payouts for members at Newlands Independent School in Seaford who lost their jobs when the school closed on July 10.

The ATL says the school closed three weeks ahead of schedule when security staff arrived without prior warning and closed down the site.

An ATL spokesman said staff were told it was due to close on August 31.

Their employers, Newlands Schools Limited, has ceased trading and is insolvent.

Eddie Fleming, ATL’s regional official for East Sussex, said: “It is sad to see Newlands school close once again and at such short notice.

“Staff have acted with dignity and professionalism to make sure the children at the school were able to continue with their education up until the very last day, whilst under the threat of closure.

“It’s a pity that their employers were not able to match such dedication.

“ATL will now do all it can to make sure its members receive their due entitlements and will give serious consideration to possible legal redress against their employers.”