A FARM in West Sussex is re-opening its amazing maize maze for the summer months.

The maze made out of maize covers eight acres and nearly four miles of winding pathway at Tulleys Farm, in Turners Hill, near Crawley, offering families some corny fun.

Scruffles the Scarecrow, the farm’s mascot, is the inspiration behind this year’s maze, which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Stuart Beare, farm owner, said: “It’s the farm’s main attraction for the summer.

“The theme is usually what’s on trend at the time. We’ve had Angry Birds and a Harry Potter theme before.”

This year will see the 15th crop maze at the farm, which has been creating the different-themed labyrinths since 1998, when the theme of the first one was a fire-breathing dragon.

Mr Beare said that it will take people about one hour and 20 minutes to complete this year’s maze, which is one of the most challenging they have ever made. Not everybody manages to find their way to the end of the maze without staff assistance, and visitors are given brightly coloured flags which they can raise above the level of the crops if they get lost.

Members of the press were given a special invitation to view the scarecrow from a helicopter.

Go to theargus.co.uk/videos to see our intrepid photographer’s trip in the helicopter.

As well as the maze, Tulleys are also launching their Summer Puzzle Park.

Mr Beare said: “It started off with just the maize maze but the farm has evolved and we’ve got all sorts of different attractions now.

“We’ve got all kinds of logic games to keep kids and parents happy.”

Tulleys Summer Puzzle Park, which opens on Saturday, will feature 25 different attractions based around logic games.

For people who find the thought of conquering an eight-acre maze too easy, torchlight maze nights will be available on selected weekends and evenings.

There will also be an evening zombie survival event at the farm on August 16.

Tulleys Country Puzzle Park will be open from Saturday until September 7, from 10am until 6pm.

For more information, visit www.tulleysfarm.com