A YOUNG film fan from West Sussex experienced her very own cinematic close up when she interviewed a Hollywood star.

Olivia Davidson, an 11-year-old film fanatic from Worthing, got the chance to interview How To Train Your Dragon 2 star America Ferrera.

Olivia, who attends Orchards Community Middle School in Worthing, interviewed the film star as part of her reporter role for education charity Into Film.

She joined the programme through her school film club and was whisked away to a preview screening of the film in London to help her prepare questions for Mrs Ferrera.

Olivia said: “It was amazing, I was buzzing the whole time.

“Seeing all the people involved just for one short interview made me realise again how much goes into making a film and how much goes on behind the scenes.”

The youngster chatted to Mrs Ferrera about how she voiced the character Astrid in the sequel to the hugely popular animation series.

Mrs Ferrera told Olivia that there were many qualities in Astrid that she admired including her loyalty, but she could never match her bravery.

The star also told Olivia about a recent trip she had taken to New Zealand to go rock climbing.

Olivia said: “I liked hearing America’s story about taking risks while rock climbing. It made me feel less star-struck to realise that she is just like lots of other people being scared of doing something risky.”

Olivia was given this opportunity after being accepted onto the Into Film development programme, which offers young people the chance to report from film industry events. Olivia applied for the programme in March by submitting an audition tape citing her passion for film, and was accepted from hundreds of applicants.

Members of the Talent Development Programme have previously interviewed some of the most prestigious names in the industry, including Steven Spielberg, Daniel Radcliffe and George Clooney.

For more information about Into Film and to start an Into Film club, visit www.intofilm.org/school-films-clubs or call 0207 288 4520.