A holiday rep bragged about his company’s role in a video of a teenager performing sex acts on 24 men in Magaluf.

The video hit national headlines in June after it appeared to show a drunk 18-year-old carrying out the lewd acts in apparent exchange for a free drink at a Carnage Barcrawl event on the Spanish island Majorca.

Gary Maskell, 21, from Bognor, posted on his Twitter account: “Howling at the Carnage video going around! Carnage all over and we love it #teamCarnage.”

Mr Maskell describes himself online as the assistant manager at Carnage Barcrawl – the same firm that’s been ordered to shut down for 12 months by Spanish council bosses after the video was broadcast.

His social networking sites include boastful posts of his lifestyle including pictures of lavish Armani watches and handfuls of cash. But the former Felpham Community College pupil has defended his boastful nature.

He told the Daily Mail: “I have made all my money myself. I’ve been abroad since I was 18 and have worked 24/7 to get where I am now.

“I am an extremely hard working person, hence why I have money and can flash about.”

Last week a message on his Facebook page threatened to ‘drag’ a ticket sellers down the back of their hotel and ‘smash’ their ‘face in” if they were caught selling for rival bars in Magaluf.

“If you go crying back to your boss get him to come down and see me and I will fill him in as well,” it added.

Maskell uses Twitter to let his followers know about his Spanish villa and posted a picture of a new Audi sports car with the caption: “Cruising in the Audi #hardlife’.”

As well as ordering the closure of the Carnage company, Magaluf officials have demanded the bar where the sex-act video was filmed – Playhouse bar – is also shut.