A talented dog that helps with the cleaning, cooking, shopping and gardening sounds too paw-fect to be true.

But the chores are all in a day’s work for wonder dog Chloe.

The four-year-old Newfoundland has mastered an impressive number of complex tasks that put the laziest of humans to shame.

These include fetching food from the pantry, putting waste in the bin and recyclables in the right container plus loading the washing machine with clothes and detergent.

The top dog also carries shopping bags in town, switches the vacuum on and off and, after a well-earned play session, packs her toys away into her toy drawer.

Owner Hazel Carter, 75, from Blackboys, near Uckfield, who has a muscle condition, said: “She just knows what I need and when, without me telling her.

“She was taught using positive rewards, praise, treats and fuss. Many tasks are done with no commands from me at all.

“She has a wonderful temperament. She is my 11 stone gentle giant.

“The only problem is all the work with her coat and slobber – but it is well worth it.”

Chloe’s skills were perfected after a series of serious accidents. She went temporarily lame after falling into a ditch and was injured playing with another dog. To keep her occupied while she recovered, Mrs Carter organised indoors activities.

Mrs Carter taught a previous dog, Connie, many of the same skills but sadly the dog died in 2009 of cancer.

Chloe, despite her serious accidents, has defied the odds.