RESIDENTS have slammed plans for a new council parking scheme as “undemocratic”.

Concerns over the extension of a parking zone on Aberdeen Road, Brighton, have been “ignored” by the council, residents said.

Tim Bennett, a builder, of Aberdeen Road, complained the scheme was planned to go ahead across the entire area – despite protests for their road to be excluded.

Under the proposals residents will have to pay to park – but are not guaranteed a permit.

The 47–year–old said: “We voted against it but were told our road could not be excluded because it would not make sense to miss out one road – but other roads nearby have also voted against it.

“I have lived on Aberdeen Road for 10 years and we have never had a problem with parking.”

He added: “Our road voted against it in a democratic way. I ride a bike, but I cannot really carry bags of cement on it can I? I need my van.”

Mr Bennett lives in a shared home where all three occupants require cars – but was told the council could not guarantee they would all receive permits.

He also expressed concern over nearby shops and businesses that could be effected by the changes – with staff not able to get to work and park their cars without a permit.

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “61% of respondents were in favour of an extension to the Area J Residents Parking Scheme in the Lewes Road Triangle area.

“The results were presented to the environment, transport and sustainability committee on July 1 where members agreed to proceed to the next stage of consultation which is advertising the legal Traffic Order.

“Residents, businesses and services currently have until August 7 to make their formal representations.

“We can’t guarantee more than one permit per household as it depends on supply and demand for the available parking spaces but based on other similar parking schemes there is the possibility that more than one permit will be offered per household.”