Paramedics were called to one address in a seafront town more than twice a day on average over a year.

South East Coast Ambulance service received 874 calls to one address in Littlehampton over a 12-month period.

The number of call-outs was almost three times higher than any other address in the county.

An ambulance service spokesman said that the service could not give any more details on which address they were called to because of data protection rules.

But they said it was not unusual for the service to receive a high number of calls to residential and care homes where residents may have “challenging and complex needs”.

Of the 874 calls made to paramedics from the address between April 2013 and the end of March this year, less than 1% resulted in a patient being taken to hospital.

The second highest number of calls was 303 from a Worthing address and then 118 calls from a Hove address, which resulted in 105 emergency responses and 60 visits to hospital.

The figures for 2013/14 are a large increase on previous years where the highest number of calls in 2012/13 was 197 from a Brighton address and 111 from an Eastbourne address in 2011/12.

A South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said that trained staff ensured that each call received the appropriate response from clinical advice over the phone, directing callers to another part of the health service, or sending clinicians to the scene if necessary.

The spokesman said the numbers of frequent callers that the trust received needed to be seen in the context of the 320,000 calls across Sussex the service took in a year, half of which resulted in a transport to hospital.

He added: “The trust is addressing the issues associated with this small number of individual frequent callers who again often have complex ongoing needs.”