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Brighton Pride Parade 2014: As it happened

Last updated:

    Thousands of people have lined the streets of Brighton for today's Pride parade
  • Police say 160,000 people are expected in the city for Pride festivities
  • Attention now turns to other events in the city, including the party in Preston Park


Libertarian Patriot 6:23pm Sun 3 Aug 14
Live & let live and avoid judging others is a good foundation for a free society. Freedom of conscience, religion speech and assembly are all essential for a liberal-democratic and tolerant society. Freedom is: The freedom to have an opinion without being called a bigot or mentally ill (suffering from a phobia). Freedom to follow your own faith provided it does no harm to others (taking offense is a choice). Freedom to act according to your own conscience even if it may not agree with another. Freedom to exercise your choice or religion wihtiut persecution. Freedom from being prevented from continuing to work or carry on in our chosen profession through the exercise of the essential freedoms. Some people believe that the homosexual lifestyle is wrong. Some do not. Some follow a faith that teaches following a homosexual lifestyle excludes them from blessing or may even exclude them from eternal reward. Some people believe homosexual behaviour is against nature and is an aberration. Not all. Live and let live. Avoid judging and remember tolerance goes both ways. Diversity means accepting differences without thinking only your way is right. Some people may believe pride goes before a fall. No matter what you may be proud of. All are equally susceptible to pridefulness.
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