A COUPLE sacrificed their wedding gifts to provide toys and games for young hospital patients.

Gemma and Matt Morris were married last weekend but asked guests to bring gifts for the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton instead of buying them items.

The hospital has cared for the Uckfield pair’s four-year-old daughter Katie since she was diagnosed with an egg allergy at 18 months.

The youngster and her mother also spent five nights at the Royal Alex last year when the Katie had her appendix out.

Mrs Morris, 31, who also has a son, Sam, aged three, visited the hospital on Monday morning with Katie to hand over the gifts.

They included arts and crafts supplies, Lego, board games, a wooden train set and much more.

Mrs Morris said: “The hospital has done so much for us and we wanted to give something back. Our guests were really generous. We’ve brought one car load but we are going to have to do another run as we’ve had more come in since the wedding.

“I think people enjoyed the idea of picking out a present for the hospital. Some of the gifts were ones they enjoyed playing with when they were younger, or ones that their own children like.

“Katie was obviously interested in all the presents and we had to stop her from unwrapping them. She may get a chance to look at them the next time she is here for a check-up.

“The hospital and the staff have always been brilliant to us and I’m really impressed with the work they do here. I just hope these help.”

Kate Woodhams, hospital play specialist, said: “We are very grateful to Gemma and Matt for their generous gesture.

“To donate their wedding gifts to help young patients is a wonderful thing to do and I know it will be really appreciated by the children.”