MOTORISTS are being warned to expect delays in parts of Sussex this morning because of a long vehicle making its way across the county.

Officers from the roads policing unit and the Highways Agency will be escorting the vehicle from the A23 south to the A27.

It will then go east on to the A22 and A259 to its destination just off King Offa Way in Bexhill.

Minor roads connecting to the A27 and the A259 between these points will be closed temporarily as the vehicle passes them.

The vehicle will begin its journey on the A23 at 5.30am and will take several hours to get to Bexhill.

A police spokesman said: “Previous experience suggests the journey will be completed well before midday and that the impact on traffic in the area will be minimal.

“We are not in charge of moving the vehicle. We are just making sure it is moved in a safe and controlled manner.

“It would be too dangerous to move the vehicle when it is dark even though the roads would be more clear than in daylight.

“Saturday morning has been chosen because at that time the roads will be at their quietest.

“The minimum amount of disruption should be caused although drivers should prepare for their journeys to take longer than usual at that time.”

No other details of the long vehicle have been made public.