A CHARITY worker saved a seriously ill pensioner after becoming concerned while speaking to him on the phone.

The administration assistant sprang into action while working at Community Transport for the Lewes Area (CTLA).

The charity provides minibus services for the elderly and those who find it difficult to use ordinary public transport.

The assistant called a man from Seaford, who is a member of the charity’s travel club, to organise some trip details.

The line went dead twice as she struggled to hear what the man was saying as he was short of breath and could hardly respond.

The assistant knew the recent heatwave had been affecting the health of some elderly members of the club.

She called 999 and asked for an ambulance to go to the man’s address and then contacted his daughter-in-law.

After spending a night in the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, the man called the charity to say thank-you.

He said he did not even remember answering his phone because he had been feeling so unwell.

CTLA general manager Derek Barnett said: “We are delighted that our service user was able to get immediate treatment and wish him a speedy recovery."