Two companies swapped the phone line for batting time in a friendly cricket match.

Employees representing Fireco Ltd and Focus Group took part in a 25-over match at Southwick Green.

Both Fireco Ltd – a supplier and manufacturer of fire safety products – and Focus Group – a communications company – got together for the 14-player-a-side match last week.

Focus Group, based in Southwick, ran away with a 30-run victory, but organisers stress the day was about bringing the two groups of employees together to encourage networking and boost morale.

Neil Pursey, managing director of Fireco Ltd, which is based in Hove, said: “The two companies have watched each other grow over the last decade.

“We wanted to do something enjoyable to bring us together and this was the first of many cricket matches.

“Unfortunately, Fireco lost by about 30 runs, but we’ll get them next time.”