A Sussex-based women’s gambling therapist has published her second book.

Liz Karter, a leading UK specialist in women and gambling, has released her second book ‘Working with Women's Groups for Problem Gambling’.

In her book Karter argues the fault lies not only with online gambling advertisements, but with society and living most of our lives online.

Karter said: “A study by Ofcom revealed we spend over 8 hours day on digital devices. Time we spend on line is time away from developing social skills and real world supportive relationships. Without these we are all potentially vulnerable to addiction."

The Gambling Commission is to review the industry's social responsibility practices, a move Karter believes is timely.

She added: "We had no idea of the impact of online gambling advertising on women. Gambling is increasingly being used as self medication for stressed, depressed, isolated women. The danger is, it is secretly available 24/7 in our homes and our handbags.

"If Karl Marx was alive today he might say gambling, not religion, is becoming the opiate of the masses. It can be addictive, offer escape from reality and those hooked become vulnerable to manipulation."

Karter has been practicing since 2001 has seen “huge increases” in online gambling addiction in women. She currently treats women at Level Ground Therapy in The Drive, Hove.

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For more information visit www.levelgroundtherapy.com and www.lizkarter.com