Cracking, crumbly and perfectly-baked biscuits were the name of the game in the Great British Bake Off tonight.

First the 11 remaining contestants, including Brighton mother-of-one Kate, had to make 36 savoury biscuits to go with cheese.

Judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry were looking for consistency in size and bake.

Mary, wearing a fashionable white jacket, said Kate's Parmesan and Apple Shortbreads "looked so perfect", but were a bit soft.

Paul said it was a debate if he liked them, with little flavour coming through from the thin slice of apple on top of the biscuits.

The technical challenge asked the contestants to make 18 florentines, which should have been delicately baked with an even layer of chocolate.

Kate's slightly soft bake landed her fourth place.

But her 3d biscuit scene of a family tea-time for the show stopper was faultless, with the tasty lemon and lime biscuits praised as well as the "bold and very clever" design.

It secured her a place in the show for another week, as Richard was crowned Star Baker and Enwezor put his biscuit-cutter down for the final time.

Next week the contestants' bread-making skills will be tested.