A BOOK focused on one man’s painful but life-changing time in Brighton is available for download.

Luke Swaine, 42, began writing A Brighton Tale almost 10 years ago when he lived in the city.

The 32-page short story follows the life of Rob, a single father struggling to bring up his son and manage a business while dealing with his own mental health issues.

Rob lives with his wife, Becca, and readers need to decide if she is a figment of his imagination or if she is there in paranormal form.

Father of three Mr Swaine, who based Rob around himself, said: “It started as a little bit of therapy after two difficult, seven-year-long relationships. The story is essentially fiction, but there’s a lot of fact in there too.

“The book talks about a lot of famous Brighton landmarks and readers who live in the city will be familiar with all the different sites and Brighton quirks I write about.”

Mr Swaine feels writing the story helped him grow as a person and made him stronger.

He said: “I’m where I should be and I have a partner who helped me edit the story.

“I think she’s what I was looking for when I was writing the story all that time ago.”

Mr Swaine set up a Facebook page – Brighton Tales – to advertise and talk about his book.

His story is available on Amazon, with a free Kindle download.