A BREWER is inviting people to raise their glasses and have a pint for the pier.

The Long Man Brewery is brewing a special beer called Craft Pier to raise up to £10,000 for Eastbourne Pier.

Following the blaze earlier this month the brewery, based just outside Eastbourne in Litlington, has teamed up with Eastbourne’s Curious Beer Club to produce the 3.8% booze.

Jamie Simm, head brewer, said: “Everyone connected to Eastbourne felt the pain of seeing a fundamental part of our heritage go up in smoke.

“The Curious Beer Club came to us with an idea and we immediately wanted to help.

“We’re tweaking the recipe of our beer Long Blonde to create something special for a special old girl.

“When people drink it they know they’ll be helping those affected rise up again and hopefully it’ll evoke a real nostalgic sense of the seaside too.”

The beer will go on sale on August 25 and may eventually be available across the county.

All the profits will go to the Eastbourne Pier Benevolent Fund.

Adam McNaught-Davis, of The Curious Beer Club, said they did not have to look far to find a helpful local brewer.

Craft Pier will be distributed by Eastbourne-based HT White.

Owner Stephen Lees said: “Eastbourne was built on tourism and we must keep that at the front of our mind.”


EIGHT pier concession owners have been given market stalls at the Airbourne air show this weekend to help them get going again. Councillor David Tutt, leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, said: “The town has shown a generous spirit in helping those affected by donating to the Eastbourne Pier Benevolent Fund and I hope people will visit the stalls during Airbourne.” For details visit Eastbourne.gov.uk/pier