Have you ever wondered how you would fare if Brighton was overrun by zombies?

A new board game from city cartoonist Paul Stapleton gives people the chance to find out.

The 38-year-old, from Five Ways, brought out the cult board game BN1 in 2012.

He will bring out the follow-up ZOMBN1 this Halloween.

Speaking about the concept, he said: “The last one was more about a day out in Brighton and was loosely based around the likes of Monopoly. This new one is all about zombies in Brighton.

“I’m a big fan of zombie films and I’ve always liked games like Games Workshop and Dungeon Quest, so it is kind of influenced by them.”

Players pick a character and start at a certain point on the board as a result – like Cluedo.

There is a taxidermist in the Booth Museum, a DJ on West Street, a musician outside Concorde, a battle enthusiast at the Chattri, a commuter at Preston Park Station and a yoga teacher at the Hanover Centre.

Players then roll the dice and make their way around Brighton to win points and earn them the last train ride out of the zombie-infested city.

Mr Stapleton said: “The characters have to pick up weapons on the way ranging from a stick of rock to a shotgun. They can also arm themselves with a Brighton acoustic guitar, a recycling gun or a political placard.

“They have to fight off the zombies – which are controlled by one of the players – and complete missions around the city in return for points.”

Among the missions are sending food to a trapped community living off sweets and donuts on Palace Pier, stopping looters at the Marina and taking out Mod zombies in Quadrophenia Alley.

Various Brighton celebrities also pop up along the way including Nick Cave with a sniper rifle on the rooftops, Chris Eubank in his legendary juggernaut vehicle and even the bird whistle man, well known to city shoppers.

Mr Stapleton said: “It is available at an early bird price of £25 before it goes on sale in shops around Brighton at Halloween for £30.

“I have had great fun making it and I hope people enjoy playing it.”

For more information and to buy a game visit: www.bedsitgames.co.uk