A teenager's day trip to a seaside town was one to forget after she got her head stuck in a park bench.

Firefighters and paramedics were called to help the 15-year-old girl who got stuck underneath a park bench in Gildredge Park in Eastbourne.

It is believed the girl had been dared by her friend when she got stuck in a 12in gap at 1.30pm yesterday. The youngster was freed after firefighters had to saw away the bench legs to release her.

She was treated by South East Coast Ambulance Service paramedics for neck pain.

It is believed the girl was visiting Eastbourne for the day from her home in Hove.

Adam Henstock, crew commander at Eastbourne fire station, said: “It seemed that she was part of some game, in effect her friend had challenged or dared her to get under the bench.

“She got stuck under the park bench, between the support struts and the bench itself.

“We released her by sawing into the bench and released her into the care of the ambulance.

“She was in a little bit of pain with neck pain but her friend was waiting for her.”

A South East Coast Ambulance service spokesman said: “We sent ambulance crews in a car and an ambulance attended this incident.

“The girl was assessed at the scene and was suffering from neck pain. “She was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital.”