A fitness fanatic’s aching Achilles was “miraculously cured” at a prayer session.

Beth Borrett suffered from the constant ache of Achilles tendinitis after a cheerleading stunt went wrong.

But she claims she has been given a new lease of life after a “tingling sensation” during a church ceremony removed the pain which had plagued her for five years.

The 25-year-old, from Horsham, severely injured her right ankle when she was dropped during a stunt by her university cheerleading team. The pain was so bad, Beth gave up running. She said conventional medicine only dulled the pain for a couple of weeks before it returned again.

But she claimed that the pain finally subsided at a prayer meeting at St Peter’s Church in Brighton about six weeks ago.

She said: “I had been to the church when they had prayer meetings before but although I felt I should go up, I had never wanted to.

“On this particular occasion they wanted anybody who had a word for God to start their healing and people went up and said different words and somebody said ‘tendon’.

“I already felt a nudge that I should go up but was still resisting until I heard that. I went up and somebody came over to pray for me and I just felt a tingling sensation from my ankle and up my leg as she was praying.

“I started to move my ankle around and there wasn’t a dull ache any more after learning to live with it for five years.”

Beth has now resumed her running, taking on 5km runs, and has also felt empowered enough to start praying for other people now.

She said: “I think for me, maybe, I asked for healing before but the moment wasn’t right. I didn’t want it enough.

“But now I was in quite a vulnerable place and I think I really wanted God to show me he was still there and that he does still care for me.

“I had accepted that I would always have this problem with my ankle and he has shown he is still watching over me.”