A seriously-ill widower is searching for his beloved pet dog which went missing during a walk last Friday afternoon.

Rescue dog Poppy has been Tim White’s sole companion since his wife passed away.

But Mr White, who is in his 70s, lost the Staffordshire bull terrier-cross while they were walking in Patcham, where Mr White lives.

His friend, Vanessa Leon, said: “Poppy will be frightened without him and Tim is distraught.

“She is a sweet and serene dog and is very loving to people but she may be wary of other dogs as she is a rescue dog.”


The disappearance of the seven-year-old dog is unusual as she never left her owner’s side.

Mr White fears Poppy has got stuck in a ditch or a bush, but is not ruling out that someone may have taken her.

Mr White and his wife rescued many dogs from Ireland and helped to rehome them with the help of the RSPCA which, in 2013, found new homes for 55,323 animals.

Mrs Leon said that Poppy was rescued after she had been “left in a flat and was being fed by the neighbours”.

She said: “She was very nervous and had bitten her fur off and had bitten her nails.

“Since moving in with Tim she has had a safe and secure home and is very loving.”

A K9 search dog has been sent out to look for Poppy, but the search has so far been unsuccessful.

Mr White and Mrs Leon are concerned about Poppy’s welfare after the torrential rain on Monday and a drop in temperature.

Mr White is offering a reward for the return of Poppy.

Anyone who can help or who has any information about Poppy’s whereabouts should call 07714 217653.