A SLEEPLESS resident is calling for action after “blinding” railway lights were switched on near his home.

Families living in Millers Road, Brighton, are reportedly enduring countless sleepless nights since the lights were installed.

Network Rail and First Capital Connect said the lights are needed to ensure the safety of night time rail workers.

Resident Sam Hewitt said he had been forced to buy black-out blinds and curtains after the lights were put in place in February.

He said: “It’s ridiculous. When they first installed them I could not believe how bright they were. I couldn’t sleep.

“Others along the road were experiencing the same. One even had to go on anti-depressants.

“The thing I like about the road is the darkness at night. I could see the stars but not any more.”

Network Rail installed the lights as part of the £6.5 billion Thameslink Programme to service the new eight and 12-car trains.

During the night, workers clean trains and carry out maintenance.

The lights, which come on at dusk and go off again at dawn, are designed to keep the workers safe.

But Mr Hewitt said on most nights there is nobody working.

He said: “I have put forward solutions but they have taken no notice. I suggested a switch so the area could be lit only when needed.

“I also suggested lowering the lights so they don’t glare up at the houses.”

A Network Rail spokesman said changes have been made, including reducing the power of the lights by 50% and also installing permanent shrouds.

He said: “Unfortunately, we cannot reduce the height of the lights or their intensity any further, as that would compromise the safety of the sidings.”

Roger Perkins, from First Capital Connect, said: “The sidings have given 15 people new jobs and are already helping us deliver cleaner trains and more reliable services for Brighton passengers.

“In the future they’ll provide stabling for new trains, many of them half as long again as today’s Thameslink services, increasing capacity for commuters.

“We do regret the difficulties Mr Hewitt is experiencing but we have done our best to improve the situation while keeping the sidings a safe place to work for our staff.”