A BUSINESSMAN took photographs of a bus company car parked in a disabled bay – only for the bus officer to turn a camera on him.

John Hanson spotted one of the response 4x4s owned by Brighton and Hove Buses parked in the disabled bay in front of Dapper Dogs in Longridge Avenue, Saltdean, where he works.

He took a photo of the vehicle and less than a week later, the same vehicle pulled up in a nearby bus stop.

Mr Hanson pulled out his camera to take another picture of the vehicle, which he believed was incorrectly parked in the bus stop, but he was confronted by one of the men in the 4x4. Following the argument, the man from the car turned his own camera on Dapper Dogs and Mr Hanson. Mr Hanson said the confrontation had left him shaken.

Martin Harris, managing director of Brighton and Hove Buses, said: “Our response vehicles are authorised to travel in and stop in bus stops and bus lanes.

“On this occasion, our supervisors were on legitimate duties in the area where roadworks and a temporary stop are in place.

“Our supervisor did also visit a nearby shop. Seeing his vehicle being photographed by the shop owner, it was reasonable for our supervisor to enquire as to why this was being done.

“It appears that our supervisor’s reasonable and legitimate intentions were misunderstood.

“A photo of the shop front with its phone number was taken so the company could contact the shop owner to follow up our supervisor’s report if so required.”

Mr Hanson said a variety of vehicles frequently park in the disabled bay.

He said: “Every single day we have an official vehicle parked in that disabled bay and it is the only one on the street.

“We have about 50 customers a day and at least 10% of those are disabled and need somewhere to park. While they may not think it is important, we do. Our customers have a great deal of trouble parking.”

Adrian Tullett, head of operations at Brighton and Hove Buses, said: “This matter, once reported to us, has been investigated and dealt with through our internal procedures. Our staff are expected to display professional behaviour at all times.

“We, of course, apologise for any distress caused but would like to assure you that the staff members have been interviewed.”