As a regular delivery driver working in the Brighton area and a local resident I would like to comment upon the Vogue Gyratory scheme.

It is obvious that at the moment due to the ‘improvements’ the tail-back of traffic heading north out of Brighton reaches as far back as the Level which has an impact on East-West traffic using Union Road and Elm Grove (one of the ‘alternate routes’ that we have been encouraged to use).

With the schools returning this week and the university about to commence the new term soon, this traffic will only get much, much worse.

The tailbacks will eventually reach St Peter’s Church and beyond.

Might I suggest that while these improvements are in progress, the council suspend the bus lanes north of the gyratory perhaps as far as Coldean Lane, thereby allowing two lanes of traffic to clear the log-jam quickly and efficiently?

I look forward to any comments regarding this idea.

Ian Tyrrell, Hertford Road, Brighton