I have a couple of suggestions to put that I hope you may find of interest.

OK, as a Brightonian, I have supported The Argus with its Palace Pier naming campaign but there are a couple of other issues with naming of local places I would like to raise with you.

A while back, the owners of the Theatre Royal wanted their theatre to be known as The Theatre Royal – Brighton.

So with this in mind, don’t you think it would be nicer to refer to that fantastic palace as always The Royal Pavilion or Brighton’s Royal Pavilion rather than the less glamorous sounding Brighton Pavilion?

I have also noticed that modern day reporters often refer to a railway station as being a train station. The latter of course is an American description.

Just finishing on a bit of background that may be of interest to you.

I first read the Evening Argus back in 1955 while living with my grandparents in the Hanover district of Brighton.

I have always enjoyed the paper as I take a keen interest in what’s going on throughout Sussex.

Ian Steedman, St George’s Road, Worthing