‘TRAVELLERS’ remained on a popular park yesterday.

About 15 caravans arrived on Surrenden Field in Brighton on Monday evening.

Brighton and Hove City Council has visited the site with Sussex Police and the group have been asked to leave.

Officers are instructing the council’s legal team to seek possession of the land should the travellers fail to leave the site voluntarily.

A group of camper vans that was parked next to Hove Lawns has also moved on.

The van-dwellers told The Argus they were not travellers but “local people” from London who were on holiday.

One of the group said they were heading to Clacton and that they only stayed because one of their vans had broken down.

Yesterday morning, a group of camper vans was parked on land near Splash Point, Seaford.

Sussex Police confirmed one of the vans was the same as one which was previously parked at Hove Lawns.

A dozen motor homes occupied the site, which is owned by Seaford Town Council.

Police officers attended with town council representatives, who asked them to leave.

Seaford councillor Sam Adenji said: “They have indicated they will be leaving on Sunday or Monday. They are here on holidays. We are working with the police to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible.”