TRAVELLERS arrived at a popular city park just days after the last set of caravans were moved on.

Residents called police from 7am yesterday to say that between 20 and 30 caravans were driving onto the north-eastern section of Preston Park in Brighton.

Among those concerned were organisers of the Preston Park Soccer School.

The Saturday football club for children was thrown into doubt when the caravans arrived but the organisers contacted Brighton and Hove City Council and Sussex Police hoping the vehicles would be moved on in time for today’s session.

The council said the police are considering the use of their powers under Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

One park visitor, Daniel Robinson, 57, of North Road, Brighton, said: “Although I don’t have any feelings against them, I don’t think they are helping themselves.”

The council said it had visited the site with the police earlier yesterday and that a community impact assessment was being carried out.

Council officers told the travellers they were occupying land without the council’s consent and they were instructed to leave.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “We are keeping an eye on the situation.”

Meanwhile, about seven caravans pitched up on Surrenden Field in Brighton yesterday.

In a similar vein to the Preston Park encampment, the site had only been occupied two weeks earlier.

The council said it had carried out a community impact assessment and was “seeking possession of the land”.

A council spokesman said: “We will be applying to the county court for a possession order which will enable us to arrange for an eviction to be carried out as soon as practicable, should the families fail to leave the site voluntarily.”

Travellers also remained on land adjacent to Devil's Dyke Road, where the council is in the process of arranging an eviction.