Brighton and Hove is one of the UK’s leading technological clusters, according to a new comprehensive analysis.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne welcomed the launch of Tech Nation, a data project that shows the growth of digital clusters across the UK.

It has been developed and curated by Tech City UK, the government-backed organisation focused on accelerating the UK’s digital economy, in partnership with DueDil.

The analysis reveals the strength of the UK’s tech clusters in driving national economic growth.

In Brighton and Hove it showed that 7,458 jobs are in the digital sector, while companies in the sector had grown by 91% since 2010.

The cluster benefits from strong social networks, access to talent and property.

Top specialisms are in advertising and marketing, software development, and games development and publishing Key skills are in content and media production, UI and UX Design and visual and audio design.

Phil Jones, managing director of Wired Sussex and head of the Tech City Cluster Alliance in Brighton, said: "Tech Nation shows that digital businesses are driving the economic growth of Brighton & Hove.

“Our specialisms are developing a reputation for digital excellence that is attracting talent and finance to the area.

“The combined support of established digital companies, local academic institutions and local government will ensure growth continues in our cluster for years to come."

Bosses of top digital companies also lauded the city as a place to do well in business.

Antony Mayfield, founder of Brilliant Noise, said: "Working within the close community of digital companies in Brighton has been a huge benefit to my company.

“Being able to share expertise, ideas and contacts can be the difference between success and failure when growing a digital business.

“Brighton is rightly being recognised for the opportunities it offers local digital entrepreneurs."

Giles Palmer, founder of Brandwatch, said: “Despite now being a global business, we began in Brighton by recruiting the smartest heads for our engineering and we continue to base our development team here.

“Brighton has long been a hub for digitally creative minds, it’s about time the city was duly recognised for the opportunities it offers entrepreneurs in this space.”

On the launch of Tech Nation, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The digital sector has been at the heart of Britain’s economic growth.

“Tech Nation demonstrates the growth of digital businesses in all of our major cities and consolidates Britain’s position as a world-leading destination for technology.

“The combination of government support and a genuinely thriving entrepreneurial spirit has created a UK-wide success story of which we should be hugely proud of as a nation.”