AN ITALIAN popstar has been criticised after millions of fans viewed him online dicing with death at Beachy Head.

Lorenzo Fragola, who won the Italian version of X Factor, filmed a video for his latest single in and around Brighton.

The shoot also showed him just inches from the edge of the notorious cliffs, sparking criticism that his irresponsible actions could encourage fans to copy him.

The video has already been viewed on YouTube more than 5.8million times.

A spokesman for the Coastguard said: "Sadly a lot of people follow the herd, and if a pop star shaves their head then you might get 10,000 14 and 15 year olds doing the same."

He added: "We wouldn't advocate anyone going this close to a cliff edge.

"We see a lot of people standing very close to the edge of cliffs, but we have no right to say you can't do that.

"It is shocking some of the things we see - people just half a foot from cliff edges people and walking dogs off leads close to the edge.

"People might think it is nice scenery and beautiful cliffs and think it looks like a nice thing to do but we wouldn't advise anyone else does this.

"I'm sure this guy probably had a full risk assessment and safety standing just out of shot, but you don't see that and sadly people will stand very close to cliff edge to take the perfect selfie and we really wouldn't advise it."

The video features Fragola at various spots around Brighton and sitting in the cafe at Birling Gap before standing on the cliff top.

The three and a half minute video also features aerial shots from across Brighton and Hove including footage from the the Nice One convenience store at Seven Dials.

Owner George Sidarous said he was a bit perplexed by the pop star's presence.

He said: "They just came in and asked to film.

"I had no idea who he was but they said they had no budget to pay us to use the shop.

"He came back three weeks later and gave us the link to the YouTube clip.

"I was a bit surprised to see it's got more than 5 million hits".

Local locations in the video also include Lorenzo strolling along the beach next to the Palace Pier and Brighton Wheel, wandering down the Lanes past Choccywoccydoodah, standing between the groynes of the West Pier, waiting for a bus at the Old Steine, eating a pizza in Dead Wax Social and browsing the records in Across the Tracks.